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    Nagaland fire personnels

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    Fire Safety awareness training conducted by NFES at Kohima

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25, Sep 2022

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17, Oct 2018

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    Public information, safety & compliance

  • Call & Inform Fire & Emergency Services immediately as and when fire breaks out. Do not panic
  • Do not misuse Fire Service Telephone numbers. It is a punishable offence
  • Give right & precise information.
  • Use appropriate Fire Extinguishers at initial stage to contain fire.
  • Do not pour water on Oil & Electric fire. Use appropriate Extinguishers
  • Inform Power Department to cut-off power line in the locality to avoid further catastrophes.
  • Give way to Fire Tenders to pass unobstructed for timely execution.
  • Locate the Fire Incident site - Show & Guide Fire Personnel the shortest possible route.
  • Locate sources & supply water at the vicinity of the fire incident.
  • Do not disturb/ drag Fire Delivery Hose while Fire Personnel are combating fire.
  • Install proper Fire Extinguishers/Fire Alarms/Smoke Detectors/Fire Hydrants/Sprinkler system etc.
  • Maintain small water reserve tank – so as to tackle fire before Fire Brigade arrive.
  • Kitchen fire, LPGs, Candles, Lamps etc. should be properly extinguished when not in use.
  • Use certified & standard electrical appliances viz wires, plugs, fuse, switches, sockets etc.
  • Practice family evacuation drill/plans.
  • Store water at home to meet fire emergencies (for fire of woods, paper, textiles etc.).
  • Do not burn rubbish when strong wind is blowing (Also, always take it out to some distance from the dwellings).